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Tom Ravlic FIPA brings to every journalistic, consulting and academic engagement more than 20 years’ experience in the analysis of technical and regulatory affairs.  He cut his teeth with almost a decade of journalism writing about accounting and finance and breaking stories for a range of publications including metropolitan newspapers, business magazines, professional journals and overseas ntr_pm_headshotewsletters. Tom got his start with the industry newsletter Chartac Accountancy News and he has never taken a backward step. Publications such as The Age, CFO Magazine, the newsletters from the Lafferty Publications stable on accounting, the Company Director and many others benefitted from his depth of research and knowledge of a field often seen by some commentators as arcane. Tom is most proud of his investigative work in journalism that resulted in multiple cover stories in CFO Magazine while he was a contributor for that particular magazine between January 1999 through to December 2004. He has returned to journalism since September 2016 and regained public recognition through the coverage of One Nation and issues related to the party structure. Stories related to One Nation appeared on Crikey.com and in The Saturday Paper.

His career in the accounting profession from February 2005 thought to September 2012 has involved him in proactive advocacy work aimed at ensuring sole practitioners and smaller multi-partner practices get a fair go from regulators. Tom has also represented the organisations for which he has worked at highest levels of government, which includes appointments to committees run by the Australian Taxation Office, Australian Accounting Standards Board, Australian Auditing Standards Board and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. He attended these forums during his time with the Institute of Public Accountants and Taxpayers Australia.

Tom is also a respected author and commentator on accounting issues and a textbook published by John Wiley and Sons called Readings in Financial Reporting was used by universities as both a prescribed and recommended text. He has authored papers for professional journals and collaborated with high profile academics on research during his career.He is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants, a Fellow of FINSIA and a certificated member of the Governance Institute of Australia.

His expertise in the corporate governance and accounting arena has been recognised with two recent casual academic appointments. Tom has lectured and tutored in auditing and assurance at both Deakin University and the University of Melbourne. During his extensive career focusing on the professional services and finance sector he has also been a guest speaker at conferences, chaired panels comprised of regulatory figures from Australia and overseas and helped produce events designed to bring accountants and other professionals up to date with developments in corporate and financial regulation.

2 thoughts on “About Tom Ravlic

  1. Your article in the Advertiser newspaper of 26th April 2018. The Banking Royal Commission has also been advised of Forgery & Fraud. These are CRIMINAL offences, whereas lying to the Regulator is a CIVIL offence. Trust from the general public won’t occur until white-collar offenders are jailed. Refer past articles in the Advertiser.
    Further,what about the cartel led by the ANZ Bank that fixed the inter-bank lending rate/s? Interest charged on loans of all types where inflated for many years. There have been prosecutions in the UK & the EU, but the banks have been fined here in Australia. Shouldn’t borrowers be refunded by the banks?
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
    A L (Tony) Schar FFA FIPA FFIN (Retired)

    1. Hi Tony – Great to hear from you and thank you for reaching out! I notice you are also a member of the IPA. The word limit did not allow for the entire list of issues disclosed. Each of the matters you discuss needs further examination and penalties that are appropriate ought to be discussed.

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