One of the things that has been at the centre of the discussion on corporate tax cuts is the scramble by some people to argue that a tax cut leads to increased salaries and more jobs.

It is actually a fairly simple accounting matter. A company that saves some funds as a result of corporate tax cuts is not required to bump up salaries or employ more people. They can do whatever they want with the money that has been saved.

They can automate the workplace further. They might pay off loans. They might pay the shareholders a little more. They might even invest the money from the tax cut in a short term deposit with a bank.

A company is able to do all of this before it considers bumping up salaries or bumping up employee numbers.

This is as function of management discretion and not some kind of government edict. While some companies might boost wages or add to the headcount there is nothing that requires a company to take either of those two steps.